Building the real wealth of life

Sometimes this world makes me terribly sad and in the midst of that sadness springs a seed of tremendous hope!

It’s like we keep making the same mistakes generation after generation and they rekindle the spark of conscious humanity in us reviving and activating the lovers of the world.

The lovers of the world are far more powerful than the haters and takers.

They, we, shine a light so bright by how we live our lives it helps others find their own way, until we all realize we are just walking together and have been all the time.

We don’t have to buy into the pain and fear from the same lies about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and how we could be happy if we were richer, prettier, stronger, smarter, quicker, skinnier and buy enough stuff or even buy enough education to get us there. Because it’s not there, there’s no there…there!

We are here.

All of us on this small blue mostly water beautiful planet with enormous wealth and resources enough to feed the world many times over and provide all the energy we need!

It’s time we say yes to caring and sharing and refuse to hate anymore!

Refuse to divide ourselves from the people, the animals and plants and all of life because our fates are bound up together in each other and we know to see ourselves as separate is folly and illusion!

I see the people waking up again as we always do.

I see the people rising like the tides that will rise with the changing climate and that gives me tremendous hope.

Share the hope!

Share the love!
Reach out to others and let us use our voices to evoke empathy in all of those who can hear us.

Let us speak not just because we can convince others to see our way but because speaking about kindness, compassion and living in harmony with our Earth is who we are as people!

Speak not just to make others change their thinking and agree with us but speak so others can see that we live our lives as loving compassionate ethical people and in seeing us speak out for kindness and justice take courage from that!

Each one of us is a light and we shine brightest when we speak, write, sing, and act out for compassion, justice and kindness towards our brothers and sisters. We add more light into the world so others can see that we are all in this together walking beside each other on our paths of discovery and growth.

Let us unite in the purpose of building a way of life in harmony with each other with our goal to achieve more health not more wealth, stronger communities not bigger corporations.

The real dividends in life comes not from stocks by from how we touch each others hearts and make life more meaningful. The real wealth is not what we take from others but is what we share with the world because this world is not here for the taking, it’s here for the sharing.

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