International Day Of Peace

Today is the UN International Day Of Peace!

If we want peace on Earth we must live in peace with our Earthm and that means living in balance in a sustainable way that doesn’t poison our air, land and water and that respects the right of every person to live with human dignity.

I’ve been thinking about the issues that can bring us all together to stand united for real equality, justice and peace.

Raising the minimum wage to a living wage for all workers is one of them. Another is standing to demand a shift from fossil fuels to green energy investment. A third is investing in free and equal access to education that doesn’t burden a generation in debt!

All three of these issues:
Sustainable Energy
Living Wage Standards &
Debt Free Education

They are all interconnected and represent the only viable common sense solutions to a very irrational system of exploitation by the forces of consolidated power and wealth that has resulted in massive poverty and suffering in America and around the world.

So let us stand for human rights, human justice and human dignity as well as the rights of all life on this beautiful planet we share!

Let us come together as people, not just Americans, or other nationalities but as loving caring thoughtful human beings who care about our families, our communities and our future generations.

On this International UN Day of Peace let us each say that “TODAY I AM PEACE!” and let peace and love start with me!

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