Look to your left and your right

My best conclusion at this time is that the more we look to others to fix the government or solve our problems or even try to do so the more we give away our power.

People expect help from above beit from politicians in high office or God.. it’s not coming. We have to look beside us to our brothers & sisters.

There are more people who did not vote than those who did in this last election. In fact over 2/3rds of the nation opted out of what’s left of our own Democracy by not voting last night! Most on both sides the left and right are dissatisfied with both the Republican and Democratic parties which are the only parties we are given to vote for because they have monopolized our Republic. More people register now as Independents than either of the two parties as a show of distrust and disgust in the dysfunctional two party system.

People mostly want their lives to get better, not be so difficult all the time and so stressful. People want to be able to afford to live, really live our lives with our loved ones and spend time living life instead of working ourselves to death. We want our kids to have good schools and good health care and to be safe. We want our drinking water to be clean and safe and our roads not to damage our cars when we drive on them. We want our kids to go to college and not be shackled with debt for years to come and to have good jobs that make them happy. We all want to be able to afford to buy milk, eggs and gas to put in our cars and have a fee bucks left over to see a movie or take a family vacation. These things are not Democratic or Republican things, it’s just human being things.

I think it’s going to take us working together as human beings, as neighbors to fix what’s wrong with our country and our government and it won’t be done by politicians making or repealing any laws. Once we increase the time we spending meeting our neighbors and working together in our communities to create sustainable solutions for our common problems we will expand the circles of empathy necessary to have a properly functioning Democratic Republic that caters to the greater good rather than the greatest greed.

Many registered Democrats don’t vote in part because the Democrats who run do so in ways that don’t differentiate themselves very much from the Republicans. So if both parties appear captured by the corporate special interests and out of touch with real life and our real life struggles then they feel and perhaps rightly so why show up to vote at all? A lot of Republicans who voted were unhappy with the Republicans in power but still thought they were more like them and voted for them.

We don’t get to pick our candidates anymore and they are supposed to come from us so they can be for us. The 1% picks them by funding their elections because it takes millions of dollars to afford television ads to run.  Who has millions of dollars? It’s not you and me that’s for sure. So who designs the campaigns for these candidates? It is usually expensive campaign consultants who almost always also have corporate clients they manage and do not want to see laws advocated for that would alienate their corporate rich clients.

So, in my humble opinion, if we are to wrest the government back from the few back to the many then the many need to stop expecting the political parties to do our work for us by picking our candidates and getting them elected. We have to be more willing to stand up, stand together and to solve our problems one street at a time. We must get together wherever we live and help educate our neighbors and friends about the issues we care about because education is not just a path to better jobs but to doing a better job at running a fair and just society. We need to help each other learn about how our government works and who is elected in our area and how to communicate with and pressure them when they are otherwise pressured by their donors. We must become citizen activists educators because the people who are trying to exploit us are using network TV like FOX, CNN and others to mislead and frighten the masses who are poorly educated to begin with.

Once we form a new decentralized local people powered movement to educate each other, and give our neighbors a voice in rebuilding our nation community by community, people will understand why voting is vitally important and will vote.

We will find and promote candidates from our midsts who really understand our needs, our struggles and our priorities and we will elect them not because we can buy more TV commercials but because we have invested our time in building our communities with them.

Once we give people a voice. Once we create more empathy by helping people around us in need and just meeting each other face to face people will vote in ways that empower ourselves and not vote out of fear which is what happened last night. So the key is to start today. To create new community based groups for the purpose of mutual support and education. To do our jobs as citizens of which voting is only a small part.

That’s how I see it. The change must come from us and not from political parties or big business corporate organizations and candidates. We must fix our own problems together. Until that happens we are not victims but volunteers for our own exploitation. Let’s celebrate our citizenship and build a brighter future for all of our people

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