Tear down the walls to compassion

Something tells me that most things that separate us are unhealthy. We are as any physicist will tell you connected to everything in life. We share most of the genes with all forms of life including trees. Our skin color, languages, genders, beliefs and faiths are all part of the one living organism that is life on this small blue ball of mostly water we float through space on called Earth.

It reminds me of when I asked my mother which of her children was her favorite. She replied you are like the fingers on my hand my son. How could I prefer one over another. We are all part of and connected to the one life that constantly cycles through life and death on this planet and what we do to any part of it we do to ourselves.

We have erected artificial separations called borders, clans and groups by gender, faith, language, ethnicity, and everything but eye color which for some reason most of us think would make no sense but we accept all of our other measures to segregate ourselves.

We say without borders we can not have nations and that apparently is unthinkable to most because we must protect the scarce resources our nation possesses.  Except in the case of the United States we are wealthy beyond comprehension compared to most of the other inhabitants of our world.  We have enough food and water to feed every person in the country yet over sixteen million of our children go to bed each night without enough to eat.  Do our borders protect them? Apparently not.

It is not borders that keep us safe. It is the decisions we make about how we live together, and how much human suffering we will accept so that some of us will be able to live in extreme luxury. How many of us should we let die of poverty, hunger, diseases, domestic violence because we choose not to place enough resources to change these numbers? How many people around the planet do we accept dying from dysentery and other preventable diseases because they are born in a place of poverty and we are more focused on maintaining our consumption of resources than our participation in reducing global suffering?

Over 2,000 children die in the world every day, over 700,000 every year because they lack clean water and sanitation and we go on segregated into our nations behind our borders, in our communities, and homes focused on our own lives not because we don’t care, but mostly because we don’t see them and know them. We are separated from the pain of others yet we are them and connected to them.  When there is clean sanitation and water girls stay in school and become educated and help their families thrive which is proven to decrease poverty and extremism.

Here is something we can do today to help heal ourselves. This organization is doing great work to increase the access and availability to water and sanitation in the world where it is desperately needed. http://worldtoilet.org Visit this website to get involved!

Nationalism can lead to terrible outcomes on our small plant.  It is fine to love one’s neighbors in fact wonderful to do so and to love one’s community and if you believe to love one’s God.  If we are to love one’s nation then let us love it just enough to see that all who are touched by it in any way have access to a healthy dignified existence and our basic human rights!

If you would like to work together on reducing poverty and human suffering join us and help us inform and unite people to do so!

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